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Immersive Media for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Immersive Media for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Unity Reflect is great because it gives design teams the ability to make changes and see those reflected instantly onsite in Augmented Reality.

Unity Reflect transfers data from Revit in real-time 3D in just one click. Having native integration with Revit, it unlocks the ability to automatically sync design changes in Revit across any real-time 3D platform, from mobile and desktop to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

The software works like most plug-ins and works by taking BIM/CAD models from multiple designers and live-linking them to a federated real-time 3D view, enabling your project stakeholders to review and make smart design decisions in real time. 

Real-time, immersive experiences are becoming the norm and this integration with Autodesk Revit cuts down on dead time between revisions and meetings, which is critical to giving our shared customers a competitive edge.

It’s incredibly simple to use, but behind the scenes Reflect is optimising a wealth of data and preserving BIM metadata, at the same time. Which as Revit users know, is a drawn-out and painful process, that is until now.

The live model is available across operating systems, too. Whether its iOS, Android, MAC, PC or AR/VR, you don’t need to be in the same room or on the same device to have simultaneous access and to be on the same page. Reflect also provides the ability to filter various elements so you can isolate ceilings, structural columns, walls, and other data. 

Unity Reflect is accessible to all project stakeholders, regardless of their level of technical expertise. In fact, to use the product, you don’t need to be a Unity developer or know how to write a single line of code. But if you are a developer, you can customize and build upon Unity Reflect to create the best experience for your end-users.

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